Sunrise Sunrise Sleep Test

Get your Sleep Apnea Test results in just one night! A comfortable and easy to use home sleep test, the Sunrise Sleep Test Sensor is accurate and as efficient as a standard sleep study.

Immediately providing accurate measurements Sunrise records a comprehensive range of sleep reporting results that can be shared with your Sleep Specialist, General Practitioner or for prescription of treatment by Sleep Health Professionals

  • Sleep stages
  • Apneas / Hypopneas
  • Estimated AHI (with central component)
  • Head position
  • Sleep onset latency

Unique to the Sunrise signal (mandibular movements)

  • Micro-arousals
  • Respiratory effort
  • True sleep time
  • Sleep bruxism

How does Sunrise Sleep Sensor work, and what do I need to complete the test?

  1. First, order your Sunrise Sleep Test online, and have it shipped to your door.
  2. Download the Sunrise app on your smartphone. You’ll need to provide a valid email address too, so that we can send you your results. 
  3. When you’re ready for bed, open the app and follow the guided instructions for how to attach the sensor to your chin and record while you sleep.
  4. After one night of data is recorded you will be able to access your results via the Sunrise App
  5. Our sleep health team will review your results and discuss your results and next steps with you

Sleep Test Kit Inclusions:

  • Your disposable sensor(s)
  • Sunrise App
  • Measuring tape for neck measurement
  • Additional adhesive (especially for bearded people)
  • Prepaid envelope for returning your device
  • Quick start guide
  • User manual


Home sleep tests, such as the Sunrise Sleep Test, are not recommended if you suffer from the following conditions: Neuromuscular disease, severe COPD, hypoxia and/or hypercapnia at rest, morbid obesity, significant cardiovascular disease and chronic narcotic use. You should speak to your doctor to discuss sleep test options and whether a home sleep test is right for you.


The Sunrise Sleep Test is referred to as a level 4 sleep test. Level 4 sleep tests measure less parameters about your sleep compared with level 1, 2 and 3 sleep tests. We recommend you consult with your GP to discuss whether the Sunrise Sleep Test is right for you.

*Sleep Test Australia are sales and customer service representatives who have received training in sleep health. They can give general information about sleep health, sleep disorders and products that may help improve your sleep. They are not qualified healthcare professionals and cannot provide medical advice. We recommend you continue to consult your GP.

  • Easy to Use at Home
  • Wireless App Reporting
  • Fast Test Results
  • Share Results with Your GP
  • Hygienic and Disposable
  • TGA Approved

  • Easy to Use at Home
  • Wireless App Reporting
  • Fast Test Results
  • Share Results with Your GP
  • Hygienic and Disposable
  • TGA Approved
Brand Sunrise

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