CPAP Machine Questions

Common questions in relation to machine health and usage.

You probably know that you need to regularly replace your CPAP mask parts, filters and tubing. But what about your actual CPAP machine? How often should you replace it?

In recent years, new and increasingly convenient technology for CPAP data downloads has been developed.

All you need to know about reviewing your sleep performance data using the myAir App.

There are a range of new features in newer model CPAP Machines that can really assist you getting a better sleep.

There are many new features, benefits and new tech tools in more current models which help make your CPAP treatment more user friendly and comfortable!

No, the ClimateLineAir Oxy tubing does not fit the S9 machine.

ResMed AirMini machine does not have a battery included, but this can be purchased separately.

Yes, you can use the AirSense 10 device without the humidifier.

CPAP machines do not come with a battery included, but these can be purchased separately.

Travelling with the F&P SleepStyle vs ResMed AirMini

Fixed Pressure vs. Automatic Pressure CPAP Machines: Choosing the Right Solution for Sleep Apnea Therapy.