AirSense 10 Elite – a Premium CPAP Machine at a Budget Price

The AirSense 10 Elite is a premium fixed pressure CPAP machine that has been designed to make your nightly treatment easy.

Fixed pressure machines deliver one constant pressure throughout the night. When you are using a fixed pressure device, something to remember is that your prescribed pressure is likely to change over time. Factors such as gaining or losing weight, changes in other medical conditions can affect the severity of your sleep apnea and the change your required CPAP pressure. 

The recommended pressure is determined by your doctor or sleep provider and is based on your specific requirements.

AirSense 10 Elite CPAP Features:

Climate Control

The AirSense 10 Elite delivers therapy at the most comfortable temperature and humidity levels with new HumidAir heated humidifier and ClimateLineAir heated tube.

The simple and intuitive user interface provides you with feedback on your therapy every morning. Also, it is easy for you to change comfort settings and adjust the treatment to your needs.

SmartStart Ramp Up

The SmartStart feature allows you to start your treatment as soon as you start to breathe into your mask. Once you remove your mask, it stops after a few seconds.

AutoRamp with sleep onset detection starts by delivering a low pressure for greater comfort and then, after detects that you have fallen asleep, it gradually increases the pressure to your prescribed setting.


Consistent humidification throughout the night with the integrated HumidAir humidifier and optional ClimateLine Air heated tube with Climate Control technology.

Quiet Operation

The machines Easy-Breathe motor is whisper-quiet, offering you and your bed partner a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Performance Tracking

Access to MyAir lets you know how you went with therapy the night before, and helps you stay on track throughout your sleep apnea treatment journey.

The light level of the screen will adjust to the brightness of your room. If you need to get up in the night, the screen’s back light will not disrupt your bed partner. The light will also turn off automatically after a few seconds, so you can easily settle back to sleep.

AirSense 10 Elite Inclusions:

  • 5 Year Extended Warranty
  • ClimateLineAir Heated Tubing, Travel Bag, Power Cord, User Guide

Additional Setup Options

One Month Remote Assistance and Monitoring - RRP $90

This has been designed to help you get used to your new CPAP machine. During this period, our sleep experts will monitor your machine and sleep patterns remotely.  This is to assist with customising your settings and providing CPAP performance recommendations that are specific to you.

The Remote Assistance and Monitoring Includes:

  • Initial Remote Monitoring Account Setup  
  • Performance Monitoring by your assigned Sleep Expert
  • Weekly Remote Checkins with your Sleep Expert
  • Recommendations and Adjustments*

*Please note for best results you should supply our team with your original prescription on purchase or during monitoring phase. In some cases where prescription is not provided and ideal settings cannot be achieved, it may be essential for you to follow up with clinical assistance with your local Sleep Specialist Doctor which is not included as part of this service.

To engage our free monitoring assistance, you will be required to have purchased this product either via a package deal or as a stand-alone item.

For more information and available monitoring packages click here

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