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CPAP Equipment Replacement Schedule

Author: CPAP Club  
Date Posted: 29 May 2020

Did you know 6 in 10 CPAP users say they sleep better after replacing their supplies?(1) Knowing when to get new CPAP Supplies is now made easy, with our CPAP Equipment Replacement Schedule.


CPAP Equipment Life Expectancy

To keep your CPAP equipment clean and working at peak performance, please refer to the following CPAP equipment replacement schedule. This shows how long each part should last before you should need to replace it. Following this schedule should help prevent problems such as: CPAP machine and or mask air leaks, discomfort and equipment failure.

Product Ideal Replacement Period
Mask Systems  
AirTouch Foam Cushion 1 month
Silicone Parts inc Cushions & Seals 6 months
Headgear 6 months
Frame 12 months
Mask short tubing (if applicable to your mask) 12 months
Or... Entire Mask Replacement 12 months
Long Breathing Tubes  
Standard & Heated Tubing 12 months
CPAP Machine  
Machine Filters 3 months (or monthly if in dusty conditions)
Humidifier water tubs (reusable) 2 years
CPAP Machines 5 years


Please note: this table is an approximate guide only, if you are unsure about anything, please contact us directly for further assistance.

The Air Touch Foam Cushions

These are a consumable item and have a lifespan of 1 month, then it should be replaced.  At CPAP Club we sell these replacement foam cushions in a convenient 3 pack.

Mask Frames

Most frames and elbows are made of a durable hard plastic, we have found unless you are unfortunate enough to sit on it and break it, it should last at least 1 year.

Silicone parts

Mask parts such as the mask cushion are prone to over time discolour, deteriorate and tear. The silicone cushion is delicate, so be careful, particularly when pulling it apart and washing it that you treat it gently, so you do not tear it.  Most people should get at least 6 months usage before having to replace these silicone parts.


Over time will begin to stretch and you will find that you need to keep tightening the mask to make it fit comfortably. Again, most people should get at least 6 months out of a headgear.

CPAP Tubes

The Short Mask Tube (if applicable to your mask type) and the Long Breathing Tube, with daily usage can also both stretch and deteriorate over time. The key thing to check for here is it that there are no holes in the tubing, where air can escape and detriment your treatment. You should get about 12 months from the tubing.

Machine Filters

Filters are a consumable item, they should be checked regularly and replaced about every 3 months or when they look dirty.

Humidifier Tubs

Reusable Humidifier Water Tubs, with proper cleaning should last at least 2 year. CPAP Club sell a range of cleaning products specifically designed to be safe for 
you to use on your CPAP equipment. Click here to see our cleaning recommendations.

You should consider upgrading your CPAP machine about every 5 years, for more information, refer to our article ‘’How often should I replace my CPAP machine?’’ 

CPAP Club Replacement Parts Finder

As you may know, there is nothing more annoying for you than not knowing what the name of the part is that you need. 

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For helpful information on how to prolong the life of your CPAP Equipment read our CPAP Cleaning & Care Article

1. Source: Based on a third-party, independent study commissioned by ResMed in February 2017, surveying 400 patients currently using CPAP for 6 or more months.


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