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CPAPClub ResSleep Brisbane Partnership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still get full assistance from my local ResSleep clinic if I buy my mask through CPAP Club?
Yes, as our online partner, any purchases made by existing ResSleep Brisbane customers will be supported by our local clinics.

How can I be sure ResSleep Brisbane will know I have purchased product from CPAP Club and not another supplier?
Checkout customers will be asked how they were referred. To be sure your purchase is covered by ResSleep for support, please select ResSleep Brisbane Customer from these options.

Why are prices cheaper on CPAP Club than I paid for my items through ResSleep?
CPAP Club are an online store that distribute from a warehouse. They don’t employ sleep experts or offer one to one customer service. 

At ResSleep we have the overheads of clinical and specialist teams to help diagnose, monitor and assist with CPAP treatment for the full lifetime of our product by highly skilled professional care providers. 

To ensure our customers are able to access CPAP products and replacements during this period, ResSleep Brisbane has chosen to subsidise the loss in revenue during this period to ensure your health and wellbeing, whilst still providing lifetime support for your purchases.

If I purchase a new machine, how will CPAP Club access my prescription?
We can set your machine to match your existing CPAP Prescription! Below are the three setup options from which you can select:

  1. If you would like us to set up your CPAP machine prior to dispatch, please Upload Your Prescription here with your Order Number and let us know at Checkout to expect your prescription.
  2. If you cannot locate your Prescription, and you are a “ResSleep Brisbane customer”, CPAP Club will contact our clinic manager to ensure your machine is set accurately to your prescription
  3. If no prescription is supplied and you have not selected this option at checkout, we will dispatch your CPAP machine with factory settings.

Will I receive marketing emails from CPAP Club?
CPAP Club may from time to time alert you to store specials, as approved by ResSleep, but you can opt out any time by logging into the account created at time of purchase.