How do I access my Machine Data?

All you need to know about reviewing your sleep performance data using the myAir App.

How many days of data are available in myAir? 

Within myAir, you can see up to 12 months’ worth of data at a time.

Can I share my sleep therapy report? 

Yes, you can share a report of your sleep therapy progress for the past 30, 90 and 365 days.

  1. Sign in to your myAir account
  2. From the menu under your name, select Sleep therapy report
  3. Click Download my report
  4. Save your report

Do I need to manually send my CPAP data?

No. Your machine automatically sends your data to myAir, allowing you to view it on the myAir Dashboard.

How do I download data from my SD card?

myAir does not support SD card download. Your machine is equipped with wireless communication technology that automatically sends your data to myAir.

Can I get data that was recorded prior to registration?

myAir can begin receiving data from your CPAP machine on the day that you set up your account. myAir does not get any data that your machine recorded before you set up your account.  Within myAir, you can see up to 12 months’ worth of data.

When does my machine send my data?

Your data is usually transmitted soon after you stop treatment. If the data is not available, we recommend that you wait a few hours and try again.

Can I still use myAir when I travel?

You can access your account from most places that you travel to if you are connected to the internet. Your device’s cellular connection might not be able to transmit data if you are outside your covered region, so you may experience limited access to your myAir score and other data.

Being able to monitor your own sleep data is great, but please remember that if you have any problems or experience return of symptoms, such as snoring or daytime sleepiness, please contact CPAP Club or your Sleep Specialist Doctor for guidance.

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