What are the benefits of getting a new CPAP machine?

There are a range of new features in newer model CPAP Machines that can really assist you getting a better sleep.

Getting a new CPAP machine is an opportunity to take advantage of new comfort features and technology that may not have been available when you received your current machine. Some examples of recent advances include:

Quieter motors and masks

Older CPAP machines have a tendency to vibrate, hum and be noisy at about 70 decibels. Today, CPAP machines can still make noise, but in-comparison to past models they are now whisper quiet at under 30 decibels.

The AirSense 10 CPAP has a sound level of 26.6 decibels and gets great reviews from users for its quiet operation.  It’s not only quiet, but it’s also one of the best CPAP machines on the market today! The AirSense 10 machines use a quiet Easy-Breathe motor to make for a peaceful sleep environment.

Lower pressures

All AirSense 10 machines offer AutoRamp. This innovative feature knows when you are still awake and keeps pressures low to help you fall asleep easier. Once you are asleep, it automatically ramps up the pressure to your prescribed level. For women with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her is the first CPAP machine designed specifically to treat the female specific characteristics of OSA and deliver lower pressures throughout the night.

Better humidification

All AirSense 10 machines come with a built-in humidifier that is easier to fill and clean and is more compact. You can also try using ClimateLineAir, a heated tubing option designed to maintain the temperature of the air as it passes from the humidifier through the tube for a more comfortable experience.

Intuitive interface 

A simple patient menu enables you to just press start and go. It also provides feedback on your therapy every morning and makes it easy for you to change comfort settings to suit your needs.

Accessible sleep data

AirSense 10 3G & 4G machines* come equipped with wireless connectivity**, so your sleep data can go directly to your CPAP Club support team and to you through the myAir app. With myAir you can see how well you slept the previous night right from your computer or smartphone. myAir will even sends you tips on how you can improve your sleep and helps keep you engaged and motivated on your sleep therapy journey.
*Subject to Availabilty
*Wireless communication depends on network availability. This service is not automatically provided, you must request and authorise CPAP Club to access your data.

Most Private Health Funds typically provide some coverage for a new CPAP machine at around the same time frame. Even if you think your machine is still working well, it is a good idea to consider replacing it when you are eligible to ensure the dependability of your machine. Also remember that your CPAP machine offers you an number of great health benefits as well.  

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