Are you still snoring while using your CPAP Machine?

In most cases snoring with CPAP is not normal. Using your CPAP should stop your snoring. What should you do if it returns?

Your CPAP therapy should stop your snoring by delivering a continuous positive airway pressure to your airway to hold it open during the night. This airflow prevents the soft tissues of your airway from relaxing or blocking off your throat. If the airways relax too much, it narrows and you will begin to snore.

You may snore whilst on CPAP if the air pressure in your CPAP is too low to open your airway, possibly due to:

  • Air leaks
  • Improper settings
  • Broken/old equipment
  • Recent weight gain

If you are snoring whilst using your CPAP machine, seek advice from CPAP Club or your Sleep Specialist Doctor.

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