I struggle to fall asleep using CPAP, what can I do?

If you are finding it difficult to fall asleep with CPAP you could try the following:

Make sure your mask is fitted properly. A poorly adjusted mask can affect your sleeping. Take the time to adjust the headgear on your mask carefully so that it is comfortable and has a good seal, a mirror can help with this.

Practice good "Sleep Hygiene". Be aware of your body's energy levels and make sure you get adequate sleep avoiding overly late nights where possible. Have a good sleeping environment, everything from the comfort of your bed, room temperature, light and minimising noise can affect your sleep. If you have an uncomfortable pillow view our range of pillows specially designed for CPAP users here. Also take care to avoid alcohol, coffe and other stimulants prior to sleep.

Engage in relaxing activities prior to bed time. Stimulating activities such as device usage is not the best way to wind down. Try engaging in reading, relaxation classes, having a bath or breathing excercises if you need to slow down to relax.

Don't go to bed before you are tired. If you find when it is getting close to bedtime that you aren’t tired, consider delaying go to bed by a little while. Try doing something relaxing.

Try using the "Ramp" option on your therapy machine. It designed to make therapy more comfortable, the Ramp feature helps you ease into therapy each night by setting your machine at a lower pressure than prescribed and slowly ramping up to your full therapy pressure over a maximum of 45 minutes. Using Ramp gives your device more time to gradually reach your prescribed therapy pressure and it gives you more time to comfortably fall asleep.

Try EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) setting. This feature decreases machine pressure as you exhale. This can make breathing out feel more natural and comfortable.

Try an automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) machine. These machines maybe suitable for those whose pressure needs vary throughout the night. The machine automatically adjusts the pressure throughout the night to suit your unique breathing needs.