What should I do if I get a dry mouth or nasal congestion whilst using CPAP?

There are a number of things you can try if you get a dry mouth or nasal congestion.

Try using a Humidifier. Using a CPAP machine can sometimes lead to drying and congestion of the throat, nose, and mouth because the airflow generated by the machine is greater than what your body is accustomed to. Adding a humidifier and a heated tube can increase the amount of moisture in the air you’re breathing in. This may help counteract these symptoms and make therapy more comfortable.

Try a Chinstrap. Sometimes, during treatment, people unknowingly open their mouths, resulting in a dry throat and mouth. Using a chinstrap may help keep your mouth closed while you sleep.

Switch to a Full Face Mask.  Allergies or other nasal problems can make breathing through your nose difficult. A full face mask, which lets you breathe through your mouth during the night, could be the answer.

Consider a nasal decongestant. Nasal allergies and congestion may result in 'mouth breathing' during the night, which dries the throat and mouth and can negatively affect your CPAP treatment.