Why can't I get feedback on my sleep performance?

In recent years, new and increasingly convenient technology for CPAP data downloads has been developed.

These new transmission methods, such as Wi-Fi, help you and your provider better understand your treatment and allow you to play an active role in monitoring your own progress.

The Airsense 10 machines are equipped with a simple patient interface menu and the latest wireless connectivity. 

Intuitive interface 

  • A simple patient menu enables you to just press start and go.
  • It also provides feedback on your therapy every morning and makes it easy for you to change comfort settings to suit your needs.

Accessible sleep data

  • All AirSense 10 machines come equipped with wireless connectivity*, so your sleep data can go directly to your CPAP Club support team and to you through the myAir app. 
  • With myAir you can see how well you slept the previous night right from your computer or smartphone.

myAir will even sends you tips on how you can improve your sleep and helps keep you engaged and motivated on your sleep therapy journey.

See our myAir FAQ here. or contact our team to assist you with accessing your data.
*Wireless communication depends on network availability. This service is not automatically provided, you must request and authorise CPAP Club to access your data