Where can you go with your CPAP Equipment?

Don't get tied down just because you have sleep apnea. You can take your equipment just about anywhere...

There are now more products available to make travelling with CPAP even easier, such as the ResMed AirMini travel CPAP, which is the smallest CPAP in the world and long lasting lithium-ion batteries, which are perfect if you are camping.

Can I use my CPAP in a hotel?

Yes, you can use CPAP at your hotel, you just need a mains power point near the bed, and you can use your equipment just like at home. Other options to consider are the ResMed AirMini or the BMC M1 Mini Travel CPAP devices which are perfect to fit your lifestyle, with small travel bags allowing you to transport the entire system (tubing, mask and machine) with ease and discretion.

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Can I use my CPAP in other countries?

You can use CPAP when travelling internationally but before going overseas, you need to know if your machine is suitable for use in another country. As a rule, most machines these days can run on other voltages, such as 110V without modification, as they have an inbuilt “switch mode” power supply.


Can I use my CPAP on a ship or plane?

You can use CPAP on a cruise or a long-haul flight as there are accessible power points, but you will need to know what voltage you will be getting whilst on board. Consult with the airline or shipping company directly to find out the voltage they use.

Then make sure if your CPAP machine will work at this voltage or if you require an adaptor plug. As a rule, the airline will need a medical certificate from your doctor. They may also only let you use specific brands/models which are pre-approved to be used on board the flight.


Can I use my CPAP while camping or caravanning?

If you do not have access to mains power most types of CPAP can be used with a specialised battery. CPAP machines do not come with a battery included, but these can be purchased separately. These Portable Travel Batteries or back up power supply for 24V CPAP devices. Allow you to travel to various locations where mains power is not available in situations such as camping, road trips and during air travel.

Also, consider if you will be using a humidifier whilst on battery power, as it may be problematic because the heater plate in the humidifier can pull too many amps and drain your battery.

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What should I watch out for when transporting my CPAP equipment?

When transporting your CPAP, always empty the humidifier water chamber to avoid water damage and place it in its own compartment in the carry bag. To ensure that your CPAP equipment is not damaged in transit, always pack in the appropriate travel bag and take it on board as part of your hand baggage.

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Will I need to have my CPAP machine adjusted if I travel at high altitudes?

While most CPAP machines will automatically compensate for higher altitude changes, some older devices might require manual adjustment. If no adjustment is made, it may deliver less effective therapy. Please contact us at CPAP Club for further information.

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Quality CPAP treatment on the go!

ResMed have changed the game by pioneering the world’s smallest and lightest CPAP machine, the AirMini™.
This portable CPAP machine is designed to deliver the same well-known and trusted relief of a traditional device, but for the first time it comes in a pocket size package. The AirMini system fits into your lifestyle, with a travel bag allowing you to transport the entire system (tubing, mask and device) with ease and discretion and is almost invisible on the bedside table and designed to make travelling with sleep apnea stress-free.

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Budget Travel CPAP!

BMC M1 Mini travel machine is a great rival to the ResMed AirMini.

Coming in slightly cheaper, the BMC will allow you to use any mask of your choice, or purchase their exclusive HME Masks which combine waterless humidification right at the mask outlet, designed to make travelling without a humidifier easy.

This compact machine will fit in your travel luggage and comes with a tidy little drawstring back for easy packing. The BMC M1 Mini Travel CPAP is compatible with the Medistrom range of batteries, so it is easy to take wherever you want to go!

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